Weddings Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of the most common questions asked

What is included in the £1750.00 Room Hire Charge?
The Function Floor would be exclusive use for your party. 8 en suite rooms with accommodation for 16 guests, all linen, crockery, cutlery required to host your event, Candelabras if required, glass tea lights, Cake Stand and knife.
If you don't want the bedrooms what would be the price?
Please speak to a member of management for a quote. The music and entertainment would finish at 12.00 instead of the late licence time of 1.00am
Can you book the bedrooms for the night before?
Some times this is possible - Although please be aware that there may be an event on the function floor which could have music on until 1am. You would be able to hear this from the bedroom.
How many people can you fit on a round table?
We usually suggest 8 - 10 per table; we have one table that can accommodate 12.
Is Ziba Restaurant available for receptions and parties?
This is some times an option; we can close the restaurant, however its very dependant on the date you require and depending on your numbers and catering requirements. Room Hire is negotiable depending on numbers.
Can we taste the food in advance?
Normally we would arrange this 2-3 months before the event, when you are deciding the menus and drinks that you require. We invite two guests for the tasting.
How much deposit is required?
£500.00 This deposit is non refundable so please ensure you are completely happy to proceed before paying.
What are the Terms and Conditions of the booking?
30% of the total estimated account 6 months before the event, a further 50% of the total estimated account 3 months before the event, and the balance and final numbers are required 30 days prior to the event.
Can you fit a 5-piece band and a disco on the dance floor?
Yes but it's a tight fit and there is less space for dancing, its better if the band is 3-4 piece. The larger space you use for the entertainment the smaller the dance floor, unless you hire an additional dance floor and arrange the room in a different format
What is the maximum for an evening buffet style event?
What time will the bar close?
1.00am if you have all the bedrooms booked
What time will the music finish?
1.00am if you have all the bedrooms booked
Do you include any flowers and decorations?
There are no charges included for flowers etc, we can provide quotes for this for you or you can arrange your own to be delivered direct to the hotel. We do include the use of candelabra and tea lights.
Can you have a choice of dishes at a Dinner Party?
Depending on the number of guests and the ability to get a pre order we can sometimes arrange this, however every booking is individual and we would discuss this in person. Normally we suggest a set menu for all guests and then cater for individual dietary requirements separately.
Does the venue ever have two weddings on one day?
We only hire out the full venue exclusively on a Sunday. During the week there is the possibility of another event taking place in the hotel. If this is the case we make sure that there is are no clashes with timings at the preparation stage. Both events would be taking place on different floors and looked after by different staff independent of each other. If you have any worries on this matter please ask a member of management.
Do you have a PA System?
We now have a small portable PA system which is available to use during speeches. This is an additional £25.00
Can you provide your own DJ?
You are most welcome to provide your own DJ - Although we will require that they provide us a copy of their public liabilty insurance. The Racquet Club will not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by an exteranl company hired by the bridal party.
Can you have tea lights on the tables?
Unfortunelty we no longer allow flat tea light holders. All naked flames must be sheilded by 2 inches on glass. If you are not sure what is meant by this, please contact us and we can explain.
Cheese Cakes
We can display a Cheesecake for wedding reception and permit it to be served - However we will remove this from display, then cut as required and serve on flats served with any biscuits etc provided - this will be served in the CLUB ROOM. We charge a service charge of £25.00 to allow this to be cut and served.
Cloak Room
The Racquet Club does not take responsibility for any item left on our coat rails or cloak room. You are very welcome to leave your coats etc at your own risk
Dance floors
We have a couple of companies that are not permitted to work at the venue due to lack of professional service - please check if you are hiring a dance floor that your company is not on the list of suppliers not permitted to work at the hotel as if they arrive to set up they will be refused access.

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